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11 June 2018‘Brilliant Things’ - Ancient Egyptian Faience

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‘Brilliant Things’ - Ancient Egyptian Faience Lucia Gahlin Monday 11 June 2018

The ancient Egyptians created beautiful artefacts in a material that is known today as faience, but which the ancient Egyptians called ‘brilliant’ or ‘dazzling'.  They modelled or moulded a non-clay ceramic of quartz or silica combined with lime and natron or plant ash. Once fired, the result was a hard material combining the characteristics of pottery and glass. These were glazed a variety of colours, but usually a wonderful turquoise-blue that has come to be closely associated with ancient Egypt. This lecture explores how the ancient Egyptians produced faience objects and the range of object types & examine the developments in faience manufacture from the Predynastic Period (from c4000 BC) through to the Roman Period in Egypt (up to 4th century AD).

Lucy Gahlin:

Egyptologist who works in museums and on excavations in Egypt, but mostly lectures. Honorary Research Associate at University College London. Teaches Egyptology for the Universities of Exeter and Bristol. Works in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London. Leads tours to Egypt. Deputy Director of Bloomsbury Summer School. Chairs the Friends of the Petrie Museum. Publications include Egypt: Gods, Myths, Religion (2001).